Various tools and techniques for debugging and profiling JavaSc

  • As a programmer, we all know JavaScript is the key to learn all the other languages or platforms. But sometimes we face problems in our code which are beyond our expectations, So as a good developer we should know some handy techniques to tackle these coding problems which we call the Error in the coding language, but if you don’t know those techniques to fix your errors, then today is the perfect for you to learn them because today I am going to teach you guys those techniques so stick with me till the end  

    Why Debugging is important for our programme?

    Before we start, let's understand why debugging and profiling matter. Think of a chef baking a delicious cake. Similarly, when you write JavaScript code, you want it to work perfectly. Debugging and profiling help us find and fix issues in our code and make it run faster.

    Part 1: Debugging  in JavaScript

    Debugging is like being a detective, solving a puzzle or finding hidden treasures in your code.

    Console.log() - Your Best tool

    Imagine you're on a treasure hunt, and you leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way back. That's exactly what console.log() does. It helps you leave clues in your code so you can figure out what's happening.


    Picture your code as a movie. Sometimes, you need to pause and analyze a specific scene. Breakpoints let you do just that. You can tell your code to stop at a certain point and see what's happening at that moment.


    At the time of the writing code, it can pause at the debugger line and you can inspect the values of both a and b for better clarification. 

    Browser Developer Tools

    Your browser is like a toolbox for finding hidden treasures (bugs) in your code. Press F12 or simply right on your browser to access the console tab. There you will see the console.log() messages and the "Sources" tab to set breakpoints.

    Part 2: Profiling JavaScript

    Profiling is like being an architect, making sure your code is built efficiently and runs quickly.

    Chrome DevTools - Performance Tab

    Imagine you're driving a car, and you want to see how fast it goes. The Chrome DevTools' "Performance" tab is like your speedometer. It is the best way to analyse the code speed.

    To use it:

    • Open Chrome DevTools.
    • Go to the "Performance" tab.
    • Click the record button.
    • Interact with your webpage to capture performance data.
    • Click the stop button.

    Chrome will show you a timeline of what's happening in your code and highlight any bottlenecks.


    Lighthouse is like a building inspector for your website. It checks your website's performance, accessibility, and more. You can use it in Google Chrome by opening DevTools and going to the "Audits" tab.

    Lighthouse audit is very helpful in measuring the website speed and improving it.

    JavaScript Profilers

    Imagine you're a scientist observing different parts of your experiment. JavaScript profilers are like your scientific tools. They measure how long different parts of your code take to run.

    This will measure the time between console time and End and show it in the console.


    Debugging and profiling may sound like some fancy words but they are nothing just cheatcodes to solve your problems in an instant you just need to keep few things in mind :

    • Debugging helps you find and fix issues in your code.
    • Use console.log() to leave clues in your code.
    • Set breakpoints to pause and inspect your code.
    • Browser developer tools are like the besties for debugging.
    • Profiling helps you ensure your code runs efficiently.
    • Chrome DevTools' "Performance" tab measures your code's speed.
    • Lighthouse inspects your website's overall performance.
    • JavaScript profilers help you measure how long different parts of your code take to run.

    I hope this blog was helpful for you in anyway and I will be back to you with a new problem and it’s solution until then keep learning!!

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