Rocket League Item Prices League in-game Item Shop starting No

  • 0-12,000 Tournament Credits will get one All-Star Cup. Players who Rocket League Prices have in excess of 12,000 Tournament Credits will get extra All-Star Cups depending the number of Tournament Credits they have. See beneath for the breakdown."

    For players that recently bought the Ecto-1 Car in years past, there will be a redesign group to buy that includes the new things. Furthermore, players can likewise buy the vehicle or potentially all things included in the group independently. The pack goes live today and will be accessible to buy in Rocket League's in-game Item Shop until November 22 and will cost 1100 Credits. Also, the fan-most loved Stay Puft Goal Explosion is causing a return and will to be accessible without precedent for Painted forms in the Rocket Rocket League Item Prices League in-game Item Shop starting November 11 temporarily.

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