Important topics in the coursework of graphic designing courses

  • As a graphic designing student, you can attend classes on various topics while purusing the graphic designing course in Delhi at GDI.

    Graphic Design Institute also known as GDI, is a famous graphic design institute that offers the top design programs with 100% job assistance.

    In today’s time graphic designing is evolving day by day that’s why students are learning graphic design and institutes like GDI are helping the learners to achieve their career goals easily. In this blog, we will explore the coursework of the programs at Graphic Design Institute in Delhi.


    At the graphic design institute in Delhi, you can enroll in graphic design diploma courses. However, there are many graphic design courses. But to learn from basic to advanced, you should go with graphic design diploma courses.

    Let’s know about all these diploma courses in graphic design.


    • Graphic Design Master Plus Courses

    It is a high-level diploma course in graphic design that will cover various software applications such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Lightroom, InDesign, etc. By learning all these designing software tools, you will learn essential topics and apply them as well.

    Semester 1 - In this semester, you will learn about visual grammar, image editing, printing- and lay-outing.

    Semester 2- You will UI designing, motion graphics, and also publishing


    • Graphic Design Master Course

    This 8-months graphic design course in Delhi covers important topics that you will learn by joining this program.

    Module 1 - You will get to learn about designing fundamental, digital illustration

    Module 2 - Image editing, Lay-outing

    Module 3 - Pree-press and Post-press


    • Graphic Design Premium Course

    It is a short-term diploma course in graphic design in which you will get to learn some topics that are related to graphic design.

    Module 1 - You will learn sketching, designing basic, layout, and digital illustration

    Module 2 - Visual grammar, image editing, advanced layouting

    Module 3 - You will also learn graphic design portfolio development

    These are the important coursework of graphic designing courses. If you also want to join any program at the best institute for graphic designing in Delhi then don’t forget to contact on +91 9911782350.