How to get FC 24 Coins in EA Sports

  • FC Coins are the game's in-game currency and were formerly known as FIFA FUT Coins before EA lost the license. These coins are designed for use in Ultimate Team mode. Want to increase your FC gold reserves in EA FC 24?

    In EA FC 24, increasing your in-game wealth will drive your progress in the game, there are many ways to earn FC 24 Coins rewards, and perhaps you'll want to open packs and trade items on the transfer market. Perhaps you are considering selling your rare items. Discover the way to earn coins that works for you and making accumulating coins a simple task, it all depends on your preference.

    How to get FC Coins in EA Sports FC 24

    1. Completing Objectives:

    Engage in Ultimate Team objectives to earn FC Coins, players, and packs. Previously, this involved completing FUT matches, but now it spans a wider range of challenges, adding diversity to your rewards.

    2. Squad Battles:

    Weekly participation in Squad Battles against AI-controlled teams of other players is a lucrative source of FC Coins. Prove your prowess and reap the rewards to strengthen your team.

    3. Buy/Sell Packs:

    Invest real money in purchasing FC Points, which can be converted into EA Sports FC Coins. While this option involves real-world currency, it provides a quick and straightforward method to bolster your in-game finances.

    4. Squad Building Challenges:

    Undertake Squad Building Challenges, complete various tasks to earn not only FC Coins but also packs. Although the focus is on acquiring new packs, these may contain valuable cards that can be sold for additional coins.

    5. Play Matches:

    Engage in different game modes across Xbox Series X/S, PC, or PlayStation 5. Completing matches in Ultimate Team serves as a reliable method to accumulate coins, allowing you to steadily amass a substantial fortune.

    Whether you're gaming on Xbox Series X/S, PC, or PlayStation 5, you'll have the opportunity to earn FC Coins as rewarding incentives. For players seeking additional advantages, purchasing EA FC 24 Coins can be an effective way to achieve in-game objectives.

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