5 Best Valorant Agents for Players 2024

  • Valorant stands out in the multiplayer shooter genre due to its diverse lineup of characters, each offering unique abilities for players to experiment with. However, it shares similarities with Counter-Strike, another popular game.

    Riot Games' tactical shooter closely resembles Counter-Strike, featuring two teams of five battling it out. One team plants a bomb, and the other aims to prevent or defuse it. The guns and gunplay in Valorant resemble those in Counter-Strike, showing clear inspiration from Valve's iconic shooter.

    Since its launch, many Counter-Strike fans and pros have explored Riot's tactical shooter. While the extensive Agent roster may seem overwhelming, some are easier for Counter-Strike players to pick up. RPGStash lists five available agents for players to try. If you think the new account is too weak, you can also make Valorant Accounts For Sale from a reliable supplier such as RPGStash to explore more content.

    Best Valorant Agents for Players in 2024


    Phoenix also falls into the Valorant agent category of fighter and has been around since the beta. His abilities make him a hybrid between a pioneer and a fighter, as he can use flashbangs to help his team get kills more easily. Phoenix is also one of the few agents in the game that can heal itself.

    Many Valorant players start with Phoenix because of his simple skill set. The only thing that needs to be adapted is his Curveball, as it can also cause accidental flashes to teammates. However, if a Phoenix player messes up and loses health, they can always use the signature skill Hot Hands to heal.

    2. Reyna

    Reyna is a fighter and was the first agent released when Valorant fully launched. Her skills encourage extreme aggression and she is the only self-sufficient agent in the game. Reyna's only shortcoming is her lack of support effect on teammates.

    Of all the fighters, Reyna is the easiest to pick up. Her impact in the game depends purely on how well the player aims, which can be a double-edged sword. Since Counter-Strike players are slightly better and more consistent at aiming, Reyna is their best choice.

    3. Brimstone

    Brimstone is a control character and one of the representatives in the Valorant beta. His ability blocks the enemy's line of sight, ensuring safer entry for teammates. Brimstone also has a few skills that are primarily used for defense or delaying.

    As a control character, Brimstone is the easiest to play. Using him, players can see the exact part of the map on the small screen, allowing them to place smoke where they want. His Firebombs are easy to use, similar to those in Counter-Strike, while his Stim Beacon and Orbital Strike are also straightforward.

    4. KAY/O

    KAY/O is classified as a Vanguard and is the 16th agent added to the game. His ability allows him to flash enemies, helping to score kills. He also has devices that can incapacitate enemies for a short period of time while providing information about their

    As for the vanguard role, KAY/O may be one that "Counter-Strike" players will feel familiar with. His FLASH/drive has the exact same mechanics as flashbangs, players can throw them far or lightly. His FRAG/ment is essentially a Molotov cocktail, while ZERO/point is a simple and easy-to-use tool.

    5. Deadlock

    Deadlock is the latest Sentinel released in Valorant and the 22nd agent in the game. Her abilities allow her to defend a location on her own while also being somewhat aggressive.

    Of all the Sentinels, Deadlock is probably the most controversial agent in the game. However, her skills are very simple and easy to use. GravNet is basically a grenade that causes affected enemies to crouch, while her Barrier Mesh is just a transparent wall.

    The final ability, Annihilation, has some hard-to-get value, requiring players to aim perfectly on enemies and bounce off walls. Unfortunately, Deadlock has had little success in both casual and professional play.

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