League of Legends Porcelain skins Review

  • League of Legends enthusiasts are now getting a glimpse of the much-anticipated Porcelain skins. While the new skins have received praise for their appealing aesthetics and the attention given to some deserving champions, a noteworthy concern has emerged among players.

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    After a two-year hiatus, the Porcelain skins return, showcasing love for various champions, including a Legendary Aurelion Sol skin and a prestige version for Kindred. Despite the positive reception for their signature blue-white designs and captivating splash arts, a specific detail has sparked unease among players— the sound effects.

    The breaking of china accompanies significant sound effects, particularly evident in abilities with broad area-of-effect (AOE). This aspect has raised concerns, with some players finding the sound effects uncomfortably loud.

    The Legendary Aurelion Sol skin and the Miss Fortune skin, in particular, have drawn attention due to their large AOE abilities requiring substantial sound effects. Some players expressed their discomfort, with one player stating, 'I'm just saying, do not use this skin line if you're hearing impaired like me lol. Holy f*ck my ears hurt.'

    Another player mentioned, 'The sound effects are too loud in general. I'm not hearing impaired, but even I found all the sound effects for each skin awful to listen to and disruptive in general.'

    The intensity of the sound effects, especially during Miss Fortune's ultimate ability, has left a lasting impact on players, with one describing it as 'sounding like metal pipes falling down a skyscraper.'


    In summary, the return of Porcelain skins in League of Legends has generated excitement among players, offering visually appealing designs and attention to deserving champions. However, a notable concern revolves around the loud sound effects accompanying these skins, particularly affecting those with hearing impairments. While players appreciate the aesthetics, the disruptive noise has led to discomfort for some.

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