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As they began to walk through the city

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    2 апреля 2021 г., 20:24:33 PDT

    As they began to walk through the city, Quicksilver ran in and picked up his sister, running across the city with her while leaving Barton to jog behind.While Scarlet Witch fired energy blasts at the robots, Quicksilver ran into the battle but was accidentally grazed in the arm by a police officer despite the chief calling for the police to stop firing.

    Meanwhile,  As the key needed to be guarded against Ultron in the meantime, Scarlet Witch volunteered to stay behind, telling Champion of Cosplay  Hawkeye that it was her job to protect it . Wanda Costume Maximoff knelt beside her former ally, who pleaded with her to escape before she was killed in the approaching explosion, Maximoff told the robot that she had already died due to heartbreak and to demonstrate this, she telekinetically ripped his core processor from his body.