How to find out Path of Exile's Magic Find

  • Are you yearning to amass the finest items in Path of Exile without investing endless hours? Do you dream of swimming in currency as you conquer maps? If so, it's time to craft a character specialized in magic find. The good news is, delving into this realm is accessible even on a modest budget. Let's explore the secrets to building a successful magic find character.

    Magic Find

    Magic find (MF) in Path of Exile is the term dedicated players use to describe builds that maximize increased item quantity (IIQ) and increased item rarity (IIR). IIQ influences the number of items dropped by slain monsters, while IIR boosts the chances of acquiring rare loot.

    For a potent magic find character, striking a balance between IIQ and IIR is key. However, if your primary goal is accumulating POE Currency, focusing more on IIQ is advisable since it directly impacts the number of items enemies drop upon defeat. Conversely, if you aim to farm rare items like The Apothecary in maps, prioritizing IIR will enhance your chances.

    Getting Started

    Constructing an MF character is surprisingly straightforward even on a budget. Acquire essential unique items such as Ventor's Gamble, Divination Distillate, Goldwyrm, and Greed's Embrace.

    Ventor's Gamble stands out as the most impactful among these items, offering essential bonuses like IIQ, IIR, and elemental resistances. This ring is a game-changer for any magic find build.

    For a cost-effective boost to both IIQ and IIR, turn to Divination Distillate. This unique hybrid flask enhances your item quantity and rarity, while also boosting elemental resistances by 50% during its effect.

    If you're aiming for increased IIQ, Goldwyrm is a valuable item. These unique boots can provide up to 20% increased item quantity, a significant asset when farming currency, despite a modest 10% movement speed increase.

    Greed's Embrace is another cornerstone for MF builds. While this unique chest armor may reduce fire and lightning resistances and movement speed, it enhances IIQ and IIR by up to 15% and 50%, respectively. Keep in mind that socket colors might pose a challenge due to its armor-based nature.

    These unique items can be obtained through diligent map farming or purchased from other players. While acquiring perfectly rolled ones may demand a higher investment, the benefits are well worth it.

    Adaptation is key when fitting these unique items into your build. If a piece of gear in your build occupies the same slot as these MF items, prioritize those that seamlessly integrate with your setup. For instance, if you're a cast-on-crit Forbidden Rite Occultist needing boots with increased cooldown recovery, opt for Ventor's Gamble, Greed's Embrace, and Divination Distillate. While ideal to equip all MF items, integrating those that complement your build is a pragmatic approach.

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