Farming Fiend Roses for Legendary Gear Guide

  • In Diablo 4, Fiend Roses are a rare material used to upgrade legendary equipment and craft powerful consumables. When players reach World Tier 3 in the game, you will be able to participate in various endgame activities. Of course, the content becomes more difficult the higher you progress, resulting in the need to upgrade your gear and increase your powers. When participating in the Helltide event, they will have the opportunity to obtain this precious material.

    The Helltide event is a period in the game when a specific area becomes demon-infested and the density of monsters increases. During these events, players can defeat demons to obtain Aberrant Cinders (mutated embers), and then use these embers to unlock special chests from which to obtain Fiend Roses. No matter what, pursuing as much D4 Gold as possible in the game, Farming rarer Items is the goal of every player to upgrade. So how to get Fiend Roses?

    How to Farm Fiend Rose

    The Demonic Rose can only be obtained during the Helltide event. During these events, certain areas of the map will be filled with demons and increase monster density. Monsters killed in the Helltide area will drop unusual cinders, which can be used to open special chests. During Helltide, Fiend Roses can be obtained in a few different ways, which we'll detail below.

    Collect devil roses

    The easiest way to collect Fiend Roses is to find plants that drop them in the current Helltide zone. These plants are very rare, so if you want to collect Demon Roses on a consistent basis, you'll need to explore the entire Helltide region. Within the Helltide area, some rare plants can be found that drop Fiend Roses. This requires players to carefully explore the entire Helltide area, as these plants are relatively rare.

    Tortured Chests

    There is also a small chance of dropping a Demonic Rose from opening a Torment Chest with an Unusual Cinder. Any level of Torment Chest will do, so if you're only after the Demonic Rose, go with the cheapest one, which costs 75 Abnormal Cinders. Use Aberrant Cinders to open Tortured Chests of different levels. These chests have a certain chance of dropping Fiend Roses. Choose to spend 75 Aberrant Cinders to open the cheaper chest to increase your chances of getting Fiend Roses.

    Silent Chests

    Finally, the Silent Chest in the Helltide area has a small chance of dropping a Demonic Rose. These chests can be opened using the Whispering Key, which can be purchased from the Curiosity Vendor for 20 Mumuring Obols.

    By focusing on Helltide events, making smart use of Aberrant Cinders, and employing multiple ways to obtain Fiend Roses, players can improve their chances of obtaining this material in Diablo 4's end-game, thereby strengthening their legendary gear.

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